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Reviews for Investec Bank (UK)

Average User Review Ratings for Savings Account products

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Service: Savings Account Product: High 5 Account

Review by serendipity submitted on 12 February 2010

Likes: V good interest rate, simple application & £50 for opening an account.

Dislikes: £25k min and 90 days notice.

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Value Rating:
Overall Rating:

Got fed up of opening high interest savings accounts only to find the rate drop a few months later. My partner has used this account for a while and is happy, the rate has always been v competitive - the main selling point. So I took the plunge, simple online application and paperwork arrived a couple of days later. Small glitch getting online password to work (my fault for not reading instructions properly) but the telephone helpline was v efficient and sorted straight away.

No complaints so far, the account does what it says on the tin. My partner and I also both received £50 on account opening as I mentioned them as a referrer on the application. I'd just be wary about holding more than £50k though, Investec's financial strength isn't up there with larger banks like HSBC.

Service: Savings Account Product: High 5 Account

Review by wilsond submitted on 15 January 2010

Likes: The application procedure, on-line banking security, regular account statements & help desk support

Dislikes: None as yet

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Service: Savings Account Product: High 5 Account

Review by StrawberryKing submitted on 18 October 2009

Likes: Good concept

Dislikes: Long delay setting up online, slow and poor customer service, 90 days notice

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Overall Rating:

I liked the initial flurry of setting-up help and marketing information which came in the post but when I tried to log onto the Investec website finor online bankg it was a mess.

I spoke with 2 friendly customer service reps who said the website for High 5 is being re-done and that they'd send me new log on details. That was over a week ago and I'm still waiting. I don't mind using telephone banking for checking my balance, etc. but I prefer to use the internet so that's been rather disappointing.

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