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Reviews for First Direct

Average User Review Ratings for Borrowing (Mortgage) products

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Service: Borrowing (Mortgage) Product: Offset Mortgage

Review by poshjosh submitted on 04 August 2010

Likes: Good call centre, low rate

Dislikes: Not the very cheapest rate on the market

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Have used a First Direct offset mortgage for the last 6 years and its been great. The rate was competitive when I started out and then moved to base rate + 1%, which has been wonderful. I know someone with base + 0.75% via another bank but this is still pretty good.

Theres been little need to contact First Direct, but when Ihavetheir call centre has been excellent. Far better than other banks I've dealt with.

Finally, if you have savings and a mortgage then offset is the way to go, I haven't paid tax on my savings for 6 years now!

Service: Borrowing (Mortgage) Product: Offset Mortgage

Review by nomad submitted on 28 October 2009

Likes: Rate is ok. Excellent service. Offset mortgage very tax efficient.

Dislikes: Lower rates currently available elsewhere.

Service Rating:
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Overall Rating:

Have had the mortgage for over five years and the 'offset' has definitely saved me tax on my savings. The few times I've need help the UK call centre has been very helpful and efficient.

The only downside is that the rate is not currently the most competitive, although it's not too bad.

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