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User Reviews for Interactive Investor: ISA

Type of service: Fund Platform

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Review by Mark1 submitted on 03 November 2023

Likes: Good value, lots of funds, portfolio X-Ray

Dislikes: None

Service Rating:
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:

I use II for holding mutual funds. It provides an excellent service, and keeps getting better.

Its Morningstar portfolio x-Ray gives a concise overview of your holdings and their overlaps and it has plenty of information on individual funds. You can use the x-Ray analysis for both your actual holdings on II and also for up to 10 'dummy' portfolios.

For a low-cost platform it provides a surprisingly good email message helpline, with my queries answered helpfully and knowledgeably within a couple of working days.

Review by jpatel3 submitted on 14 November 2021

Likes: Good choice of funds. Low cost for large investments.

Dislikes: Website is slightly clunky.

Service Rating:
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Overall Rating:

I moved to Interactive Investor a year ago. They were quite quick in transferring ISAs from other platforms. Even though the website needs refinement, it is perfectly functional and I have been able to do everything I wanted to with the investments.

The main reason for moving to Interactive Investor was that they charge a flat platform fee instead of a percentage fee. This makes them competitive for large investments.

Review by Doneworking submitted on 30 April 2015

Likes: Helpful, Easy to deal with

Dislikes: None yet

Service Rating:
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:

Decided to transfer my ISA Portfolio away from one of the most expensive platforms (as per Candid Money's review pages) to Interactive Investor. I was an early user of this company shortly after they were set up but hadn't done much business with them. When I made the decision to move my funds last Autumn I was quickly contacted by II and given a helpful and friendly introduction and welcome which was a nice touch. The possibility of longish delays when moving ISA funds was clearly explained to me. That said my funds were all moved within 3 - 6 weeks with no problems. Have yet to purchase additional investments but I don't anticipate any problems.

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