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Service: Qualifying Policy (Endowment) Product: Regular Savings Plan

Review by florajane submitted on 31 October 2010

Likes: You get your money back

Dislikes: Appalling return for long term saving

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Overall Rating:

My ten year Gold savings bond has just matured. After ten years saving £13 a month it gave a return of a total of £180. £18 a year is an appalling return on your money, Needless to say I will never take out any kind of PMAS product again.

Service: Qualifying Policy (Endowment) Product: Regular Savings Plan

Review by SammyT submitted on 03 August 2010

Likes: very simple, very low cost and very misunderstood ! not everyones cup of tea but who is? done the job for me time and again

Dislikes: sometimes try to hard to be somethig for everyone - stick to your knitting!

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Overall Rating:

Service: Qualifying Policy (Endowment) Product: Regular Savings Plan

Review by DanTheMan submitted on 25 June 2010

Likes: Simplicity. Small weekly investment. Quaranteed investment. Fast. Trustworthy. Reliable. Run by Cops for the Cops - Exclusive to the Police Family. Expenses are very low.

Dislikes: None.

Service Rating:
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Overall Rating:

The PMAS are exclusively for police officers, police civilians and their family members - it is an exclusive club. A billion pound business no less.

The web show them as one of the leading providers of endowment products in the whole market. Take note of that point which alone indicates that there is something special about this company.

They have provided policies for my family for many years, small endowment policies from just £2 a week.
They are exclusive in that their policies are taken straight from my salary as all Chief Constables in the uk support & believe in them.
Their costs (FSA website) being the cheapest in the industry.
The Customer Satisfaction Survey show them as leaders in nearly every category.
Is there any other company that offers all this - i think not.

They provide guarantees that are cast iron for small sums of money.

They are trustworthy and reliable & have provided for my family throughout my career.

My little policies have provided for holidays, cars & home improvements - all for a couple of quid a week.

Their President is none other than Her Majesties Chief Inspector of Constabulary - a man who has the Home Secretary & the PM on speed dial.

Every policy i have taken out shows BEFORE I PAY A PENNY what the guaranteed return is. That return is ALWAYS higher than what is put in.

Membership is regarded as a huge perk & bonus for being in the cops. Around 70% of Officers in my Force are now members. Civilian staff membership is increasing. This success despite the uncertain financial climate and poor financial markets.

A few years ago they opened membership up to the immediate families of serving cops and civilian staff - superb! Now my kids and Brothers also have policies, insurance and a pension with them.

I consider myself very lucky to have access to such an exclusive and successful organisation.


Service: Qualifying Policy (Endowment) Product: Regular Savings Plan

Review by lawrenceb submitted on 22 June 2010

Likes: taken direct from salary so you don't notice it, its a mutual that only looks after the police, excellent service from staff

Dislikes: none

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Overall Rating:

Have been a member of the PMAS for 32 years and had over 15 policies pay out in that time, all of them exceeding the promised minimum guarenteed amount. They helped me save and gave me life cover when no-one else would touch me because of the job I did. I trust them - who else can you say that about ?

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