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Service: Discount Broker Product: Discounted Funds, Pensions & Insurance

Review by hdeakin299 submitted on 26 November 2014

Likes: lower charges can make the added layer of charging complexity very worthwhile

Dislikes: My use of the front end portal has been a bit wobbly at times : Can forget about it and potentially lose touch with it

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Currently I use Cavendish Online with Fidelity Fund Supermarket so this review will focus on this aspect . But the recent changes in investment and platform charges have changed the way discounts can be applied so I found the information about the current state of discounts on the sister Candid site very useful but I will not go over the same "Charges/discount ground" here . Suffice it to say that the discounts for my portfolio appear to worthwhile .

The Cavendish portal or front end is "bolted" on to the Fidelity main site and you do not have to use it . It is just as easy to carry on using just the Fidelity site as normal. I did this and after a couple of years I had to re-remember it to catch up on all the latest changes to the way investments and platforms are charged. But I managed it (with help from the sister Candid site) and I have found it can be worthwhile as an aid to reducing platform charges. I suppose it is like everything :- if you (I mean me!) don't know you are using it you can forget the cost savings!

Service: Discount Broker Product: Discounted Funds, Pensions & Insurance

Review by mickz submitted on 20 September 2011

Likes: 100% commission rebates, Efficient admin ( so it's simple to transfer ) Staff able to answer individual questions

Dislikes: Website could be made easier to understand, There is an initial charge on some funds so pick carefully

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Just moved my Cofunds and Fundsnetwork ISAs and OEICs to Cavendish, which was remarkably painless. Online logins allow me to see that the renewal commission is already being credited to my accounts - sufficient to pay half the admin fee has already. Not sure why I didn't do this earlier, as all the fund research is freely available ( I generally use Bestinvest and Trustnet ).

Now looking to move my VCTs across to Cavendish Online to get another few hundred pounds back.

The only downside is that some funds eg. Aberdeen Asia Pacific has a 0.25% initial charge ( compared to my previous broker where it was 0% ). But you get 0.5% commission back so you're still ahead in the first year - or modify your fund choice as there's plenty of 0% initial charge funds available.

Service: Discount Broker Product: Discounted Funds, Pensions & Insurance

Review by poshjosh submitted on 14 March 2010

Likes: Great commission rebates & efficient service

Dislikes: None yet

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Well I finally moved from Towry Law to Cavendish Online after reading the discount broker info on this site. I should be getting more than £300 commission rebates a year. Cavendish do not give advice, but Towry Law weren't looking after me anyway. Service has been efficient so far, really very little to it. As long as Cavendish ensure I get my commission rebates then I'm happy.

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