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User Reviews for Alliance Trust: i.nvest

Type of service: Fund Platform

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Review by dick9999 submitted on 02 May 2017

Likes: Great value

Dislikes: Website could be more user friendly

Service Rating:
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:

Review by longtimeinvestor submitted on 23 January 2015

Likes: very cost effective for larger portfolios: Website works well; Digitallook research facility

Dislikes: Not for day traders

Service Rating:
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:

Ideal for buy and hold investors; One annual fee and then charge for buy/sell. 15 second window for on-line real time quotes. Website functional, effective, and useful rather than pretty.

Useful research tools though cannot (yet, but I live in hope) automatically transfer your own portfolio into Digitallook for analysis; have to retype it. Occasional published magazines though more advertorial than independent information.

Can select on your account to pay out dividends to bank automatically and for free; or have them reinvested (at a reduced but not zero fee) so need to decide if this reinvest is value for moaney.

Always helpful and efficient on phone and by email. For general enquiries they (delightfully) do not demand any "proof of identity" details, only when it is necessary.

Have used them since 1980's and the service has grown and improved over this period.

Review by hdeakin299 submitted on 11 August 2014

Likes: none

Dislikes: none

Service Rating:
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:

I am no longer a customer of theirs

Review by Mark1 submitted on 01 January 2014

Likes: Low cost service offering 'Clean' fund units with low annual fees and mostly no initial charge.

Dislikes: Administration is clumsy

Service Rating:
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:

I was attracted by Alliance's low charges, especially for a large holding - £10+VAT quarterly fee. This emphasisis on value was heavily plugged in their advertising. Then, without warning, I received a letter dated 27/12/13 saying that in response to 'feedback from customers' they were simplifying their charging structure to remove some specific transaction fees and consequently increasing the quarterly fee to £18.75 +VAT; an increase of nearly 90%!

The only separate fee now included that would be of benefit to most fund holders is the removal of the £10 charge to make a cash withdrawal.

If they can choose to nearly double their charges at a stroke it makes me worry what else they could do. I will stay with them for now - and they promise no more prices rises until 2016, but the rival Interactive Investor fund platform now appears to offer better value and a superior website.

Review by Tykethat submitted on 03 August 2011

Likes: Charging structure much fairer for larger balances

Dislikes: Some fund managers missing eg Unicorn and Ruffer

Service Rating:
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:

I opened my 2011 ISA and an investment account after over a decade with Hargreaves Lansdown.

It's now more or less impossible to "one stop shop" so its best to build several portfolios with different platforms to get the best outcome for each individual type of investor.

I find Alliance very helpful, very friendly...I like dealing with them.

Website can be a bit long winded but does include morningstar research function which is very good.

Review by lambert64 submitted on 28 April 2010

Likes: Fab online system, clean transparent charging structure, access to funds, etf's, equities & Inv Trusts

Dislikes: Online has restrictions which can annoy, phone staff can be less than useful at times.

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