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Hello, welcome to Candid Money!

I'm Justin Modray, I founded and run www.candidmoney.com. A totally independent, free and impartial financial website.

The aim of this site is to arm you with sufficient knowledge and confidence to help you better look after your finances and avoid falling foul of unscrupulous financial providers and advisers. Among the features I hope you'll find useful are:

  • Clear and concise explanations of the financial topics most likely to matter to you.
  • Impartial, no-nonsense reviews of many financial services products and services, from both myself and other users.
  • Over 60 useful financial calculators to help you with numerous tasks, ranging from school fees planning to managing your debts and checking investment costs.
  • Tests, both beginner and advanced, to see just how good your financial knowledge is.

If you have any feedback and constructive comments, I'd love to hear them - just click here.

Enjoy the site and I hope it helps you make more of your money.

Best wishes,
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Justin Modray

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Why did I set up this site?

It started back in 2009 when, having worked in financial services for over 12 years, I was totally fed up with the extent that some providers and advisers would try to hoodwink their customers in pursuit of a fat profit. Worse still, a lot of customers appeared to fall for it!

I therfore decided to build this site to share the financial knowledge and experience I've built up over the years, in the hope it will help readers make better choices with their money and avoid the pitfalls.

How is the site funded?

I funded the site myself for over 10 years until August 2022, to ensure it is 100% impartial. Since then I've used Google Adsense to display advertising, which helps cover running costs, but the site remains as impartial as ever.

Do I have interests in any other companies?

Yes. In October 2013 I launched the low cost independent adviser Candid Financial Advice. This is a separate business (which I own jointly with an old friend Ian Millward), but run with the same values and ethos as Candid Money.

Please note you are leaving Candid Money, a financial guidance site not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, to go to Candid Financial Advice, a financial adviser that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This is a separate business totally independent of Candid Money.

What's my background?

I've spent much of my time since the mid 1990's working as an Independent Financial Adviser, firstly for Chase de Vere Investments, then Bestinvest and now as the founder of Candid Financial Advice. Along the way I've provided expert financial comment for the press, resulting in my comments being featured in thousands of newspaper articles and a few hundred radio and TV appearances. I'm certainly not attracted to the limelight, but the thought of getting a message across to a wider audience, helping people avoid being ripped off by some financial companies and advisers, spurs me on. I also hate not knowing the answer to something, which helped me build up a decent knowledge bank - useful for journalists to tap into.

Prior to all that I worked in TV commercial production for a few years, after graduating from the London School of Economics with an Economics degree.