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Justin Modray has, over the last few years, been one of the most widely quoted personal finance media commentators, contributing to thousands of articles and appearing on numerous television and radio programmes.

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Justin Modray Bio

After graduating from the London School of Economics Justin spent a few years working in television commercial production, before deciding to become an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). After several years at Chase de Vere Investments he spent a year working as a consultant in Switzerland before returning to the UK as an IFA with Bestinvest. During his IFA career Justin has consistently provided expert comment to the press, radio and television on a wide range of financial topics, often topping the 'Presswatch' list of most quoted personal finance commentators.

Justin left Bestinvest in late 2007 for a brief career break, during which time he decided to launch Candid Money. He turned his hand to computer programming and writing, building the Candid Money website single-handedly and launching the business in November 2009.