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When buying a pension annuity you have the option for your future income to increase with inflation (known as 'index-linked'). However, this means a lower starting income, so it's not an easy decision. Which option might be best for you? Use this calculator to estimate the total income you might receive under both options. You can get current annuity figures to use in this calculator from the Money Advice Service website.

Level vs Index-Linked Annuity Calculator
Age you plan to take pension years old
How do you want to enter annuity values? ?
Level Annuity per £10,000 ? £
Index-Linked Annuity per £10,000 ? £
Pension fund value ? £
Expected annual inflation (RPI) ? %

Assumes a fixed annual return, in practice this may vary. Calculations based on assumed annuity rates, actual rates may well be different when you retire. Calculator does not factor in the fact you could save any additional initial income from the level annuity and earn an additional return on that.

Calculations are estimates provided for illustrative purposes only. Candid Money Limited accepts no liability whatsoever for their subsequent use.

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