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A state benefit that's effectively a minimum income guarantee for those age 60 and over.

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Candid Calculator

Wondering how much you'll have to retire on later in life? Use this calculator to estimate how much pension you might get, in today's terms, given the amount you may already have in your pension and the proportion of your salary you plan to contribute each year between now and retirement.

The calculator estimates pension annuity rates (to work out pension income) based on gilt yields. The gilt yields displayed in the calculator are reasonably current, hence assumes future annuity rates are similar to today. You can change them if you prefer, but if this sounds complicated don't worry! just leave them alone.

'How Much Will I Get?' Pension Calculator
Your Age years old
Existing Pension fund ? £
Your current salary (before tax) £
Expected annual salary increase above inflation ? %
What proportion of your salary will you contribute? ? %
Expected annual investment return after inflation & charges ? %
How much pension do you want your spouse to receive after you die? ?
Gilt yield - conventional 15 year ? % (leave this alone if unsure!)

Assumes fixed annual returns and increases, in practice these may vary. Calculations based on estimated annuity rates, actual rates may well be different when you retire. Assumes that all your pension is used to buy an annuity and no tax-free cash is taken.

Calculations are estimates provided for illustrative purposes only. Candid Money Limited accepts no liability whatsoever for their subsequent use.

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