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Interest Only Mortgage Mortgage

A mortgage where your monthly payments are used to pay interest only. The amount borrowed will still be outstanding at the end of the mortgage term.

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Home Contents Insurance Calculator

You can record your home contents and estimate the overall value using our downloadable inventory form.

This form allows you to record your home contents, including serial numbers where applicable, providing not only a simple way to estimate how much cover you need, but an invaluable record of your possessions should you need to make a claim.

One form covers one room. You can either print off as many forms as you need, or save the form and enter details directly into the Adobe pdf document so that you can store it electronically on your computer. If the latter, save a copy for each room and print off hard copies once complete as a backup.

Download the Candid Money Home Contents Insurance Inventory Form here.

Calculations are estimates provided for illustrative purposes only. Candid Money Limited accepts no liability whatsoever for their subsequent use.

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