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Reviews for Lloyds TSB

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Service: Current Account Product: Classic Account

Review by hdeakin299 submitted on 30 May 2013

Likes: It is good that the old "not so" local branch is still there :When you make a complaint they stop trying to sell you stuff !!

Dislikes: The branch is "not so" local ,as it is a few miles away :There is a fair amount of "Upgrade" marketing clutter on screen which can be distracting :Explanation of Charges can be obscure and in need of clarification :

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Many of us have run bank accounts for years. Generally we have got used to the "generic deal" available;- low interest rates on money held in exchange for having access to the benefits of a bank account. As there are only a few providers the competition in the market is pretty limited so many of us do not bother to change as it is not worth the hassle . We just have to accept largely what the banks provide.

How much has the internet changed this? Well it is possible to look at this in the context of A.D.Ls or Activities of Daily Living which have long been used by the Government and the insurance industry to help define degree of disability on a more objective level.

As the use of the internet has become mainstream it is also possible to think of Computer Related Activities of Daily Living (C,R,A.D.L.s). These can be defined for the individual as 1) Buying and Maintaining a Computer 2) Providing the personal internet security needed 3) Selecting (in this case) the relevant Banking Website to use.

It is number 3 on the above list that is of most relevance for online users .The Websites themselves have to take care of their own security but they also have other concerns like marketing . The extent to which a customers likes or has to accept the degree of marketing related clutter is a moot point.

What types of "clutter" is about out there ? :-

1) Surveys : Lloyds TSB do not appear to do much of this of "survey" activity and this is good for the customer , These emails can confuse and get in the way of the customers own provision of internet security which can in some circumstances be compromised by marketing objectives . I would rate Lloyds TSB as being quite good in this respect . They do not bombard me with requests to complete a survey and they do not distract me from my CRADL problem of providing and maintaining my own internet security.

2) A cluttered screen appearance : on this criterion they are not quite so good . There are on screen request to "Upgrade" my account etc . Generically of course we all know what this upgrade jargon means : it actually means "Please pay a fee in return for some goodies" . I ignore all this but nevertheless finding my way through all the onscreen clutter does slow me down a bit . How annoying it it ? Well not enough to make me want to change my bank account

But of course banking predates the online stuff : it has a history. So what if I try to use one of the old methods to pay a bill?: for example to pay off a credit card bill from another online provider .? (this will be fun!!) as I find out that it is rejected online code C5 on 21 May 2013 . What to do? I decide on the phonebank method which I have not used so some time. I find out that the old phonebank passwords have been superceded by the "online" ones so it was quite hard to get through to an adviser .

When an "online" payment is made for this type of payment I usually get an "acknowledging" email from the payee recipient that the payment process has started . I found out that this does not apply unless specially requested when asking Lloyds TSB to make the payment by phone. So no acknowledgment and I was left with the feeling that my money could have gone anywhere. So I complain and ask to be put in the position that I would have be if the payment had not been blocked by the Lloyds internal security procedures. So I requested the "fast track" option and the process was done again : this time it worked and I was able to confirm that the payment process had started today (and not tomorrow!)

I was reminded by my wife that it would have been quicker to make the payment at the (not so) local branch: so the old branch system still has its place.

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