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Reviews for Santander

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Service: Borrowing (Credit Card) Product: Abbey Zero Card

Review by ricky_lane submitted on 26 October 2009

Likes: 6 months interest free period, 24 hours helpline, mastercard accepted in most stores, competitive fees for transfering cash.

Dislikes: Can't pay ad-hoc amounts via direct transfer or over the phone unless you have an Abbey current account. This means in order to pay off a lump sum you have to withdraw the cash and visit a branch which is very annoying!!

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I used an Abbey 0% credit card to consolidate some existing borrowings left over from my Uni days. The balance was transferred at 2% which was competitive at the time and lower than most of the rates offered now.

I paid the balance off within in the last of the 12 months I had the 0% rate. Once I had paid the balance off I phoned in to cancel the card but was offered to extend the interest free period. I didn't need the cash at the time but have kept the card open in case I would like to make a big purchase in the future interest free.

The staff I have spoken to on the phone have been helpful and I have resolved any issues I have had reasonably swiftly.

The most annoying thing about the card is that Abbey make it very difficult to pay off the balance. I set up a direct debit to pay off the minimum balance each month but towards the end of the interest free period I wanted to make larger one off payments. To do this I had to draw out cash and visit an Abbey branch as I didn't have an Abbey current account. I found this very inconvinient.

Also beware of the time limit on the interest free period as the interest rates are very high once this runs out.

The card does not offer any cash back or airmile incentives so I wouldn't recommend it for day to day use but I would recommend it to finance a large purchase that you want to pay off over a number of months to manage your personal cash flow without entering into a high interest finance agreement with the vendor.

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