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I am very sorry but due to the increasing number of questions being asked and my limited time to answer them, I have turned off the 'Ask Justin' facility for now. Once I clear some of the backlog of questions and can be confident of finding time to answer more of your questions moving forwards, I'll re-open it.

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Justin's spent over 12 years working in financial services, during which time his expert views and comments have been featured thousands of times in the national press and on radio and telvision.

Please bear in mind that neither Justin nor this site are authorised or regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), so he is not allowed to provide specific financial advice. To do so would involve a lot of onerous procedures and expense, for example, he'd have to gather details of and review your full financial situation - simply not practical for this service.

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Category Topic Question Asked By Comments Date Helpful?
Retirement Investment Choice How to invest a £150,000 pension? Princess 1 15/11/14 44
Retirement Annuities Should I take pension guaranteed annuity rate? Crouton 1 15/11/14 5
Tax Income Tax Tax on dividends from Irish ETFs? sealover 2 15/11/14 6
Financial Advice General Transfer from Old Mutual Wealth platform to Charles Stanley Direct? Stoneman 1 15/11/14 19
Financial Advice General Action against an adviser who charged too much? dandrew 0 29/10/14 19
Retirement SIPP How to speed up a slow SIPP transfer? kevinco 1 28/10/14 7
Investment Shares How to invest £200 for a grandchild? FilthyLucre 0 28/10/14 7
Retirement SIPP Transfer wife's pension into mine to buy a property? johnrowe 0 28/10/14 5
Financial Advice General How to invest £600,000? stay with HL? craigos 2 10/06/14 44
Retirement SIPP How much to pay for advice and management of a £1m SIPP? bcpyrford 4 09/06/14 10
Financial Advice General How much is Fidelity platform costing via Bestinvest? woolongong 0 03/06/14 23
Investment ISAs Commshare expensive for Woodford Equity Income fund? smallsquirrel 0 03/06/14 13
Investment Unit Trusts How are fund dividends reinvested? pencasros 0 02/06/14 14
Investment ISAs Change to Hargreaves Lansdown transfer charges? mikeat33 0 02/06/14 13
Tax Income Tax Tax on ISA trail commission rebate? LinW13 0 02/06/14 6
Tax Income Tax Tax on school fees gift to grandchild? webwiz 1 02/06/14 4
Tax Inheritance Tax What happens to our pensions on death? Rekrap 0 02/06/14 7
Financial Advice General HL good deal for smaller SIPP? Dasher47 0 08/02/14 15
Investment Unit Trusts Fund platform compensation levels? Mark1 0 08/02/14 28
Financial Advice General How much am I paying Bestinvest for investment management? Edithm 0 16/10/13 59
Retirement Investment Choice Should I swap savings account for high yielding shares? brob20009 1 23/08/13 42
Retirement SIPP Can I move my Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP? inghamt 3 23/08/13 47
Retirement Pension Rules Can I take AVC before company pension? steve 0 23/08/13 10
Borrowing Mortgage Will mortgage offers hurt my credit rating? phil36gill 0 23/08/13 5
Investment Shares Repay mortgage or buy shares? daverussell 1 23/08/13 7
Investment Fixed Interest Good SIPP for holding cash? pbru6753 0 23/08/13 4
Investment Property Storage pod investment a good idea? IStep 5 23/08/13 56
Retirement SIPP Should I move L&G SIPP to Fusion Wealth platform? DJClack 0 23/08/13 11
Retirement Annuities Can my pension annuity income fall on spouse's death? molyned 0 23/08/13 2
Investment Trackers Are smart trackers worth considering? hdeakin299 1 23/08/13 12
Financial Advice General Could offshore savings account avoid possible UK collapse? jimford 0 23/08/13 4
Investment ISAs Is 3.5 percent initial advice fee fair? gessler43 0 13/08/13 21
Financial Advice General How can I protect my L&G Portfolio Bond? jimford 0 13/08/13 6
Retirement State Pension Buy extra pension years to boost flat state pension? momist 2 13/08/13 8
Retirement SIPP Should I keep Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP for income drawdown? pvcdoc 2 13/08/13 10
Retirement Pension Rules How does contracting out affect the flat state pension? savvy3 1 13/08/13 10
Retirement State Pension Will signing on boost my flat state pension? hdeakin299 1 13/08/13 3
Retirement State Pension Will more than 35 years of work benefit my flat state pension? aonach53 0 13/08/13 4
Investment Fixed Interest Are gilts a good way to reduce my pension fund risk? STANBEHRMAN 1 28/06/13 8
Investment Investment Trusts What are Shroder Oriental Income C shares? peter48 0 28/06/13 5
Investment Commodities View on Capital Alternatives? Alternative6726 0 28/06/13 6
Investment Unit Trusts How can I hold cash in my pension and ISAs? shetland 0 28/06/13 6
Borrowing Mortgage Can I get a buy to let mortgage without an income? winger14 0 28/06/13 16
Investment Specialist Can I hedge potential returns on a protected plan? webwiz 1 28/06/13 2
Financial Advice General How should I invest in shares? jasper 0 28/06/13 3
Financial Advice General Should tax on commisison rebates affect move to Cavendish Online? izmirli 0 28/06/13 7
Investment Specialist Has RDR made Protected Plans more expensive? STANBEHRMAN 0 28/06/13 3
Retirement Pension Rules Should I stop pension contributions in case Lifetime Allowance falls further? mickz 0 28/06/13 7
Investment Shares Are second hand VCTs tax-free? Tremorfaboy 1 05/06/13 5
Tax Inheritance Tax Best way to pass money to children to avoid IHT? curious 0 05/06/13 17
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